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best neck and shoulder massager uk

Massage is the oldest therapy in the world being recognized as an effective method of holistic health care. Massage is mainly based on manipulating the body’s sof tissues with a few simple techniques.

So, what types of massage are out there?

“Shiatsu” is the Japanese word for “finger pressure”, it is a form of therapeutic bodywork. It combines traditional Chinese medicine with Western therapies, using touch, pressure, kneading, tapping, stretching of the human body to increase relaxation, lower stress and help the body heal itself without artificial help. It reduces muscle stiffness, increases blood circulation in the body, stimulate the skin, aid digestion and influence the nervous system. Shiatsu massage is the best remedy to treat chronic conditions, such as headaches, PMS, digestive disorders, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, stress as well as muscle pain in the lower back, neck and joint pain.

When minor sign occurs, such as regular colds and flus, weekly or daily headaches, muscle pain or digestive difficulties it means that there is an imbalance of Qi. Qi is the vital energy in our body that underlines all functioning. Qi flows in specific pathways called meridians. Therefore, shiatsu massage therapy has been designed to stimulate and harmonize the flow of Qi through your body.

Qi is recognized as having 2 polar opposites yin and yang.  The symbol represents balancing opposites. Yin represents feminine and passive; yang represents masculine and active.

Getting back to Shiatsu massage, it’s aim is to brig harmony between the yin and yang energies of the body and its internal organs.

Styles of Shiatsu Massage

best massager for neck and shoulder

With Shiatsu Massage becoming more and more popular, different sub-styler have been established around the world. Shiatsu massage is the best massage as it is believed to have both preventive and remedial effects. Below are five of the most common, and most practiced form of shiatsu massage across the world:

Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is normally performed in a hardwood floor with the receiver lying on the floor. Typically it is most effective when you encounter stress-induced physical symptoms or mental distress such as insomnia, muscle pain, headaches and stomach problems.

Five Elements Shiatsu

Five Elements Shiatsu identifies patterns of disharmony in the body-mind-spirit of the patient. The five element Shiatsu style aims to address all aspects of the client and considerations of the client’s lifestyle physical symptoms. The therapy requires a comprehensive verbal history along with pulse assessment and abdominal and back palpation. This shiatsu massage style is useful in acute and chronic problems, and its real strengths work on constitutional issues.

Macrobiotic Shiatsu

Macrobiotic Shiatsu focuses on the idea that food is living energy, and that the food we put in our bodies can influence the flow of energy in us.The practitioner of this kind of shiatsu will analyze a person’s state of being and recommend foods to improve it between sessions.

Namikoshi Shiatsu

It is named after Tokujiro Namikoshi who opened Japan’s first Shiatsu clinic in 1925 and established what is now Japan’s Shiatsu College during the 1940s.This form is applied exclusively with the thumbs, fingers and palms and is based entirely on physiology and anatomy using 8 different types of pressure.

Movement Shiatsu

Movement Shiatsu was developed by Brit Bill Palmer during the 1980s to help those suffering chronic conditions. Palmer used the movements of infants during development to inspire his exercises that recipients perform in between periods of normal Shiatsu.

Basic shiatsu techniques

The most common technique for shiatsu massage is using hands, elbows, knees and feet to apply pressure on specific meridian points. It can also incorporate passive stretching movements to help loosen the body, manipulate the joints and ease tension.

Firm Pressure

When giving shiatsu treatment, breathing is very important. All movement should begin from the abdomen; this brings a calm, meditative quality to the mind and will be relayed through your healing touch. Pressure should be executed by leasing on the appropriate point for up to 10 seconds before slowly releasing the pressure.

Thumb Pressure

A steady thumb pressure applied on the sacral points can relieve sciatica and lower-back pain.

Palm Pressure

Open out the hand and relax. Push your weight into the palms and heelf of the hand to press firmly but gently along the bladder meridian points.


Gentle stretching along the meridians help the body. The practitioner opens the chest by gently stretching the lung meridian in the arm.

With the above benefits and techniques in mind, let’s look at the best shiatsu back massagers on the market and what the reviewers say about them:

So which are the best neck and shoulder massagers in the UK?

Without any further ado, here are some of the most popular neck and shoulder massagers:

Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

This product features 4 big nodes and 4 small nodes that will deliver a deep tissue massage on your neck, shoulder upper back, lower back, spine, legs, foot, thighs and arms. The intensity is adjustable, havin3 speed strengths levels. The directions of nodes are bi-directional, it moves to left than changes to the right providing you with a feeling of a real person massaging you.

It also has a heat function which help relief tension and increase blood circulation and can be controlled by hands.

This shiatsu massager is highly recommended for people suffering from chronic muscle tension and knots in necks, shoulders and traps. This electric massager touches and massages the points where the most tension accumulates due to stress and incorrect posture. The rollers are firm and goes deeply into the muscles and knots, giving the impression that there is a pair of hand massaging your shoulders.

Whether you are working from a laptop or pc, or you are playing games and sitting most of the time, or whether you are most of the day on your feet and your back posture is not the greatest, this electric massager is perfect and beneficial for each and every one and will release the tensions in your muscles.

However, if you experience any pain in you back while using it please do take a break for a few days and start using it again day by day for aprox 10 minutes until your muscles get used to the pointed pressure.

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Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat Deep 

This compact pillow massages comprises of 4 kneading massage nodes and its heating function which bring you real comfort and relief in your body. It’s 3D Deep-Kneading nodes rotates in both directions for a feeling of real hand massaging.

It can easily be used for your shoulders, neck, upper and lower back, abdomen, calf and any other tight areas you would feel the tension in your muscles.

It can easily be fitted in your car chair or office chair thanks to the adjustable elastic band attached to the back of the pillow.

The pillow massager is also fitted with an overheat protection for customers safety. It will turn off automatically after working for 15 minutes.

It is a perfect gift for any friends or family member as it is extremely beneficial for anyone.

This pillow massager is recommended by many people who are suffering from neck, shoulder of back pain but also by people who just wish to have a pleasant and relaxing time having a massage.

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Neck Massager, Wireless & Portable

This electromagnetic Neck massager can promote local blood circulation and relax local muscles. It has a great effect in reducing inflammation, detumescence, analgesia and relieving fatigue.

It is specifically designed to relieve your pain, knots and muscle tension combined with modern electronic technology and several patents to simulate a real human massage.

The unique headphone design adopts perfectly to your neck providing 16 levels of intensity:

–       Between level 0 – 5 – first time users, it provides a light massage.

–       Between level 6 – 10 – suitable for people using it multiple times, who got used to it providing a soft massage.

–       Between level 10 – 16 – suitable for people who already warmed up local muscle – heavy massage.

It is built in with 5 advanced modes and experience of 6 massager types such as: scraping, pulse, cupping, kneading, finger massage and acupuncture.

This electric neck massager has a low frequency pulse technology, it deeply fits the neck and massage evenly.

Thanks to its simple, small yet very beneficial design, it fits everywhere and it can be used anywhere anytime. It is portable and light, ideal to use at home, travel, shopping, office etc.

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Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager for Muscles

This portable cordless design can be taken anywhere to provide you with the massage you deserve with a high lasting battery for approximately of total of 140 minutes on a full charge.

Perfect to relieve pain and fatigue on you neck, back and shoulders but can also be used on other body parts such as arms, legs, feet, lower back with the 5 interchangeable massage nodes it comes with being extremely powerful up to 3600 pulses per minute which allows it to offer you a deep tissue massage.

–       Round head – used for general point massage, designed to break up the knots on the muscle and help in the process of muscle recovery. Used for shoulder, back, lower back and soles of feet

–       1 Point Head – focused trigger-point massage

–       3 Intensive Head – offer a bigger area soft contact massage

–       3 Point Head – provide softer massage thanks to the rubber-coated which is ideal for lesser pain massages. Used for the joints parts, cervical vertebra, shoulder blades, knees, ankles

–       Curved Head – perfect for arm and leg massage

It is recommended by doctors as it breaks down the scar tissue and fibrosis that appear around ageing or injured muscles. IT is very helpful for stiffness and sore muscles and should be used gently on all muscles and concentrate on those muscles, such as Glutei (the Butt muscles) for those that spend most of their time sitting down as it helps restore circulation on those muscles.

It is great for relieving back stress built on muscles caused by every day stress.

It can be very useful to remove cellulite and improve circulation on that area.

Cons: this massager it is said to be quite heavy for regular use so breaks in between session is suggested.

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Moist Heated Pad for Neck pain

This Heated Neck Warmer is ideal for pain around the neck and shoulder because of its weight and heat function.

If you are not into massage and you do not like the feeling of massage but the neck and shoulder pain is there then this is the perfect tool for you and your body.

It can be heated in a microwave for a heat therapy that will ease your aches and pains, melts stress and muscle tension helping you to sleep better.

It can also be chilled in the freezer for a cool therapy that will treat sport injuries, relieve headaches, or just cool down on hot summer days

It also provides an aromatherapy which calm the senses and soothes the tension making you feel more relaxed and relieved.

Description of product:

–       Material: ultra-soft velour, very soft and smooth fabric

–       Ingredients: lemongrass, chamomile, peppermint, clay beads, lavender, flaxseeds, millet

–       Size: 16*16*5 inches

–       Weight: 47 oz

–       Wash: spot clean only. The filling should not get wet.

So, how will this heated pad help you release the pain?

The weights combined with the heat on your shoulders will release the pain and the stiffness in your muscles. The shape of the pad covers all the odd shaped bits of the shoulder and neck at once, so the heat is distributed evenly.

This product is said to be like a warm hug and the feeling of it is far superiors than any others products.

It is great to be used for bed time as heat relaxes the muscles in your neck/ shoulder, it reduces the pain and help you have a better sleep.

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