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If you consider yourself a person who gets tired due to his 9-5 job and experience several health issues such as chronic pain, thigh pain, etc., it means that you and your body needs rest. If you end up getting tired every day, then you should certainly think about purchasing an electric massage chair that is durable and comfortable enough to provide you with the peace that you deserve. There are many electrical massage chairs available in the market, but we bet that you may not be familiar with the most popular ones, and that is why we have got this amazing piece of information especially for your ease.

The electric massage chairs that are quite trending nowadays can offer you a personalised experience of massage so that you don’t have to book any formal appointment for a spa. Therefore, whether you’re an office worker or a fitness freak who wants to take care of his muscles, we have got your back with our list of some of the best massage chairs the UK market has to offer that can provide relief to your body without a doubt. Let’s have a look at it!

Best massage chairs reviews – top in UK in 2021

JLL® M200 Massage Chair Review

best massage chair ukA new generation electric massage chair of JLL is made with solid construction. It is having a beautiful shape so that you can stay comfortable at a maximum level. Multiple posture positions come up with this massage chair that efficiently massages your body parts such as hips, waist and arms, and shoulders. Its shape even makes it easier for you to enjoy full support ranging you’re your neck towards the back and also including the buttocks.

Salient Features:
• The Computerized Scanning of Body:
The latest technology is used by this chair for scanning the size of your body automatically so that you can have some fun time while having this custom body massage.
• Requires Little Space:
It can be placed anywhere at your home, and there is no need for a lot of space for this amazing chair, using only 0.77 m2
• The Oh so Great Air Cell Massage System:
If you want to enjoy a quality massage, then this chair is certainly made for you because it consists of 3x levels of air cells that work for your convenience so that you can get relief from your back pain or upper body pain, etc. It is known as a therapeutic relief

• The electric massage chair by JLL follows 5 different massage techniques that are manual.
• You can also enjoy heating therapy.
• The electric massage chair is also beneficial for your feet as it has double foot rollers.
• Takes little space at your home.
• It follows the modern technology of Air-Cell Massage and Bluetooth speak.

• It requires some extra care.
• It comes with a hefty price tag.

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Naipo Electric Shiatsu Massager Seat with Knocking Kneading Air Compression Review

best electric massage chair ukIf the massage chair in your living room is getting old and you are thinking about purchasing a new one that is more comfortable and more amazing than the previous one, then Naipo’s electric massager chair can be ideal for you!

Salient Features:
• Bionic massages:
You can set a 20 minutes timer to enjoy the most effective massage by this chair that can even reduce your muscle stiffness. Even you will feel more blood circulation in your body with the bionic massages offered by this chair.

• Best Bluetooth technology:
Want to play your favorite song during massage therapy? Just attach your mobile to this massage chair via Bluetooth and play your favorite Shakira beats!

• Save some space:
Unlike other bulky massage chairs, this one by Naipo can easily fit inside any of your rooms!

• It has an ergonomic design.
• It also has an amazingly comfortable seat.
• It provides not only Shiatsu massage but also the kneading and knocking ones.

The massage provided by this chair is too much strong and can’t be adjusted to a minimum level.

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BSFYUK Shiatsu Massage with Heat Review

best massage chair with heat ukA vibrating seat massager chair that can completely relax you when you come home tired from your office might be the one that you are looking for with an amazing intensity control strap. BSFYUK”s massage chair also has massage nodes that target the painful areas of your body so that you can feel relaxation. Moreover, you can also use this extremely comfortable seat with your sofa, couch, or recliner.

Salient Features:
• Blissful comfort:
You deserve a break from stress, and that is the reason why this massage chair is a must-have because it knows well how to pamper your tired soul.

• Perfect for tensed muscles:
Your back and shoulders might have tensed muscles that need some rest, so if you are done with your daily chores, just have a seat on this exceptional massage chair.

• The vibrating seat:
Not many of the massage chairs offer a vibrating seat facility, but BSFYUK’s massage chair has decided to inspire you, and that is why it consists of a vibrating seat that can even benefit your thighs and hips.

• It offers sensational heat therapy.
• You can use this chair at any place anytime.
• The chair is user-friendly.
• Kneading massage mode is used by this chair.
• The vibrating seat is also ideal for people who are suffering from hip and thigh pain.
• You can decide with this chair whether you want an intense much or one with a lower level.
• It is available in a ravishing color.

• You can’t use this for long term purposes.

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HoMedics ShiatsuMax Review

best shiatsu massage chair ukA cushion massager chair by Homedics can be ideal for you and your family in many ways as it is capable of providing you with a soothing effect from the pain that can be troublesome for your health. If you are a fitness freak who loves to take care of him, then just have this classic cushion massager chair that will make you forget all your pain in only a few minutes with spot shiatsu.

Salient Features:

• The secure straps:
Some massage chairs can make you feel restless, but with a Homedics cushion massager chair, the case is a bit different as it consists of secure straps that can help you to enjoy a peaceful massage session.

• Your Personal Massage Expert:
Whether it’s kneading or Shiatsu, the massage nodes of this cushion massager chair are rotating and are influenced by the heat feature that can even help you to sleep comfortably at night without feeling pain in your body.

• Customizable Massage Experience:
You can enjoy the perfect massage that you deserve with the help of this great item that is user-friendly and best suits your personal needs.

• The chair has a classic design.
• It is also pre-programmed.
• The massage nodes can help you to enjoy the Shiatsu massage.
• It is a user-friendly chair.
• It also comes with a remote control so you can set your favorite massage according to your mood.
• It also relaxes your muscles tendons.
• The straps of the chair are also secure.
• It does not make any noise.
• The chair is quite adjustable.

• Homedics massage chair is not so durable.

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Naipo Massage Chair Review

massage chair reviews ukA capsule-shaped body massage chair is considered to be ideal for those individuals who live a healthy lifestyle. Naipo’s massage chair with Shiatsu, knocking, and kneading massage techniques are perfect for your daily usage as they can provide you customizable massage at any time of the day!
Salient Features:
• Bluetooth Technology:
Who doesn’t like to enjoy his favorite songs during a brilliant massage session? Well, if you want to enjoy the beats of Pitbull along with a shoulder and foot massage then Naipo’s massage chair has got your back!

• The Perfect Customizable Massage:

Eleven shoulder positions are offered by this electric massage chair with five different levels of massage, so what else do you want to have peace when you have Naipo’s electric massage chair.
• Appealing Design:
It is an elegant massage chair that is designed while keeping in mind the modern demands of the customers. The ergonomic design is everlasting and is quite sturdy and durable. So for a luxurious massage experience, get this chair now!

• It offers a 3D experience of massage with a built-in Bluetooth facility.
• It is easy to use.
• It has a luxurious design.
• You can also gift this chair to your loved ones as it is a perfect gift.
• It also has adjustable rollers.
• The customized massage mood is beneficial for everybody.
• Kneading patting, Shiatsu, and knocking are some of the well-known massages which are offered by this massage chair.

• Cons
It is bulky in size

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