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Are electric massagers a good investment?

Maybe you’re wondering why is massage machines so good when you can go to an expert to massage your body by hand and feel your whole body pampered and completely relaxed.

Massage machines are best to use in the comfort of your home, in front of the television, watching your favorite show or Netflix series. Of course, these massage machines will never replace the hands of an expert but some of them are pretty close to achieving in your body what a professional masseur would do. There are a variety of sorts and types of massagers such as feet, shoulders, for the back, facials, shiatsu, anti-cellulite, cervical as well as mats for massage, chairs, and electric massage seats.

There are many advantages and benefits of having an electronic massager at home because they can be used whenever you feel the need to relax and decontract your muscles as well as it can be used regularly and develop a routine for your body and muscles to improve skin elasticity. Because, as you are probably aware, in order to be able to decontract muscles, reduce cellulite, relieve chronic pain you must attend several treatment sessions in order to see the results. In this way, you can have your regular treatments in order to achieve the goal you are setting when starting to use an electric massager. Around 20-30 massages will be more beneficial and will remediate the muscles and skin than one or two.

Besides, massaging your body regularly with electric machines is very beneficial for improving your sleep, premenstrual pain, improving your health and mind as you are relaxing in the comfort of your own home surrounded by the scents you desire to feel. Machine massagers are very good to reduce the appearance of headaches and migraines.

With this in mind, an electronic massager is the best investment and it should be present in each and every house because of the numerous benefits it provides to our body and mind.

When you need a massage, you do not need another person to help you to apply the massage, you simply make use of the electronic massager to supply yourself.

Depending on what type of machine massager you are looking to buy, they can easily be transported if you ever need to travel and wish to take the massager with you as they are also little in weigh.

Like everything in this world, if there are advantages there are disadvantages too.

So, what are the disadvantages of electric massagers?

Some of them may be a little too expensive for what they have to offer and you might as well go to an expert than spending tons of money on a machine.

They will never achieve the level of service of a qualified masseuse.

If electric massagers are used abusively and not respected the terms of the intervals you are allowed to use them, they can easily become painful and not beneficial anymore.

There are a variety electronic massagers such as handheld, which you will need to hold it on a specific point of part of you body that you wish to massage or the ones that are specifically designed for a part of your body (neck, eyes, shoulder, back, feet, capillary, etc) and are used by pressing a button on the machine or some of them have a remote which is great because you can change the setting without changing your comfortable position. 

Why foot massage is so important? Below are 5 of the most beneficial reason why foot massage is so important.

Regular usage of the foot massager machine will eliminate fatigue and relieve stress. If you are standing on your feet all day at work and your feet hurt when you get home, this machine will help you achieve the maximum relaxation your feet deserve. Also, if you are more of a static person, have a job at an office or you are required to sit a lot the foot massager machine can relax the body and relieve mental stress having the work pressure.

1. It lowers blood pressure.

We all know that high blood pressure is a step closer to causing heart attacks and in preventing this a regular feet massage can help as stated in this study.

The foot therapy massager can improve the body’s resistance and immunity.

2. Foot Massage reduces the symptoms of PMS

Foot massage is the best massage because it can help relieve PMS symptoms, including tension, insomnia, headaches, and mood swings. Research indicates that pressing certain body points releases endorphins (and serotonin), which can lower the perception of pain and relieve discomfort (like those never-ending cramps of the period). In this case, the pressure point is in the arch.

3. It improves disturbed sleep and insomnia

 Massaging your feet before you go to bed present and immediate feeling of calm and being cared for which will lead to a night of prompt and peaceful sleep.

4. It fights headaches and migraines.

Headaches and migraines appear for many reasons such as stress, fatigue, illness. We can never know what has caused this pain and as a result, we use painkillers which sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

In this scenario, foot massage is the best remedy to manage these painful causes. Foot massage provides relief to the person in pain and helps you relax and takes that tension away.

5. Foot massage help manage depression and anxiety.

Foot massage significantly decreased reports of depression, has an effect on social bonding, and increases endorphins. Depression and anxiety is a mental illness extremely complicated. Foot massage addressing both biological and social triggers for depressions is an important remedy in the management of this condition.

Best Foot Massager Reviews

Without any further ado, let’s jump into the world of foot massagers and find out which is the best.

1. Shiatsu Kneading Feet Massager with Heat, Rolling, Air Compressionbest electric foot massager

Shiatsu Kneading Feet Massager is one of the best foot massagers because its heating function allows you to increase muscle relaxation and rejuvenate the skin in the most beneficial way.

It comprises of 3 modes – low, medium, and high settings on all functions. The settings can be adjusted individually to suit your need. The setting covers roller speed and air compression power along with timer control and heat on/off.

The remote control is very handy, the massager can massage your feet with kneading, shiatsu, rolling, scraping. It also has a breathable airbag with 3 levels intensities. It is combined with a heating function and keeps your feet warm. 

A lot of acupuncture points firmly relate to your organ and body part, your organ can be improved by putting pressure on the shiatsu roller. 

The breathable cover is removable and washable so you don’t need to worry about any smell or dirt on the foot massager machine.


It increases blood circulation and metabolism. The increase in the blood can improve heart function, regulate the secretion of various hormones, and reduce heart attacks.

Regular usage of the shiatsu foot massager can regulate the meridians’ qi and blood, accelerate the blood flow in the head and provide the brain with enough oxygen and nutrients in time. It will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed, fasten the process of falling asleep, and also having a deeper sleep.

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2. PureMate PM605 Electromagnetic Foot Circulation Massager & Body Therapy Machine
foot massager review

This foot circulation machine will help to relieve body pain such as the neck, arm, shoulder, back, waist leg, etc. It is beneficial for the whole body and increases the blood flow in the whole body. It features 99 kinds of electromagnetic wave intensity with 15 massage modes and remote control.

It is recommended for people diagnosed with diabetes and swollen ankles as it improves the blood circulation that your body needs.

It is recommended to be used 30 mins a day to soothe your tired limbs.

EMS are attached to the legs and are sending electronic pulses through the leg improving the feelings in your feet and legs.

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3. BYRIVER Acupressure Foot Massager Jade Stone Acupoint Massage Slippers  for Men Women 

best slippers for foot massageIntended to soothe pain & discomfort in the foot/heel due to arthritis, neuropathy, and other ailments. 

Refreshes the feet of tired, sore plantar fasciitis. Fosters improved blood circulation to increase optimal health.

These slippers are using rotating massage heads of 360-degree rotating massage.

The massage slippers have 2 pieces of jade stone and 2 pieces of tourmaline stone which improves health therapy.

The sandal comes with an adjustable strap and few extra pins

Note: these slippers are not all-day wear as you may experience pain in your feet. Use around 4x times a day (10 mins)

It is recommended to be used with thin socks as it can be unpleasant.

The benefits can be noticed within a small period of time such as:

    • – relief in muscle pain from feet to spine
    • – softer skin on your feet
    • – improvement of digestion and your daily mood.

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4. HoMedics Shiatsu Sole Soothing Foot Massager with Heat
electromagnetic foot massager

Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager with 6 rotating nodes is the perfect fit to relieve tension from your feet caused by all day standing. There are two sets of three nodes, ensuring you’ll get an invigorating Shiatsu foot massage around your foot’s entire base. Massaging your feet is a perfect way to relieve stress in the solar plexus. It features 6 rotating nodes, 18 massage heads for full foot massage experience.

This Feet Massage Machine will help to de-stress the whole tension accumulated by your feet into your body and will create the comfort your feet need with the 18 massage heads for maximum performance.

Thanks to the heating function, your feet stiff muscles will soften and will be soothing.

Pro: Reviews suggest that this product is very useful and beneficial for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, those who have sore feet, and those who are upon the feet every day all day long.

Use this machine every other day in the beginning as it can get a little painful because your feet and muscles are not used to this type of pressure point on them. Once your feet get used to the machine, use it regularly every day for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time for best results.

Cons: this machine can be a bit loud

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5. MaxKare Foot Spa/Bath Massagers with Heater Temperature Control Bubble Vibration 
best spa electric foot massager

This heated foot spa bath is ideal to relieve fatigue with the warm water and soothe bubbles that will pamper your feet and the intense vibration will melt the stress away. Bubbles will also produce pressure by massaging. These 3 functions can work individually or simultaneously.

The water temperature can be manually settled between 35℃ and 48℃ and the massager will heat the water to the set temperature preferred. The water temperature will be maintained through the intelligent system used and you do not need to add any hot water. The water will be stable at the temperature you desired.

The foot spa massager has an elegant with transparent design and its innovating outline prevents water from splashing giving you the opportunity to use the foot spa in the comfort of your own room, on the carpet or floor.

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